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Community Services Agency

I agree with you that the Orange County Pilot Project Program was a great success. I received numerous comments from the participants and the senior center site coordinators. Among the 255 responses only two responded negatively.

The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

As the Executive Director of two agencies that have funded the Young at Heart Project since its inception, I feel that I can speak with some experience of its merits. When you first approached the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz county for a Project grant you were a musician with a vision.

Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County

Young at Heart has been a recipient of funds through the Cultural Council's competitive grants program for several years. With an outstanding roster of musicians, this group makes a vital connection with seniors in our community.

Mt. Pleasant Convalescent Hospital Inc.

Everyone Here at Mt. Pleasant would like to extend our greatest appreciation for the entertainment you have granted this past year. It has been great joy and we looked forward to the upbeat attitude all your performers instilled.

Northwestern University Medical School

Young at Heart has now been bringing music to the elderly for over 10 years. Its collection of musicians, under the artistic direction of its founder, Sean Seman, has enriched and enlivened homes , retirement communities, and senior citizen centers in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County. In the process, Young at Heart has won the enthusiastic support of its targeted population. It has also won support in the United States Senate, which agrees that the lives of older adults should be reopened to the stimulation of the arts. Now, Young at Heart seeks to expand its efforts further, enlarging its presence within its familiar territory in California, and staking new ground in locations on the East Coast. Young at Heart is on the threshold of emerging as a national charitable organization.

United States Senate

I have recently had several opportunities to see Young at Heart in action in my home state of Nevada. The founder of Young at Heart, Sean Seman, who sings and plays guitar, and James "Fingers" Shupe, a national fiddle champion, traveled to Las Vegas to do an extensive tour of fifteen nursing homes and senior centers over a ten day period, and I was able to spend one of those days with him. Simply put, the music and the program are wonderful.

Young at Heart Project Community Quotes

" ...Young at Heart is living proof that living music can remind older persons how it is to be healthier, happier and more fulfilled."

Harry Reid
United States Senator

" ...Through you we realized how the institutionalized elderly are deprived of the social stimuli we take for granted. Young are Heart effectively demonstrates how therapeutic music can be to enrich the lives of our older citizens."

Bob Seman
President Rotary Club of Santa Cruz Sunrise

" ...Music and song bring pleasure in a way unparalleled by anything else, and the talent and professional presence of the Young at Heart entertainers have made any event at which they perform a guaranteed success."

Laura Scribner, Senior Program Supervisor
City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation

"...He takes us back some fifty years or more. We recapture our many happy years when we danced and sang to those songs. It's good to forget our aches and pains. I'm still trying to be Young at Heart"

Daisy Patton Hoffman
resident, senior facility

"...I have seen a woman who seemed catatonic suddenly came to life and shout out lines from an almost-forgotten song. There is an electricity generated by a skilled professional which is not usually equaled by even the most sincere amateur."

Jennifer Davis
Executive Director, Area Agency on Aging

"...As a long supporter of senior issues, I see the critical need for such programs like this that demonstrate the commitment to the needs of our senior citizens."

Henry J. Mello
State Senator 17th District

"...Your selection of professional entertainers is great and keeps the residents looking forward to the next one."

Ruth B. Findlay
Owner, Batterson Convalescent Hospital

"...Long-term-care resident, staff and visitors express delight and enthusiasm for the professional performances delivered with sensitivity and care by the Young at Heart entertainers. The value to residents is immeasurable."

Lucille Des Jardins
Executive Director, Ombudsman/Advocate, Inc.

Recent Testimonials

Audua Bowline, Activities Director

Mt. View Health Care of Steve Kritzer show

"Steve's always puts on a fantastic show ! He's knowledgeable of the songs/artists. The residents enjoy the one on one interaction during the programs ! Everone looks forward to the show."

Terry Becker, AD

Sunnyview Lutheran Home of Steve Kritzer show

"We love Steve. He always makes the residents feel good and the residents are always happy after his performance. On behalf of the Sunnyview residents, thanks so much for making the seniors happy.

Kelly Kinney, AD

Live Oak Adult Day Cupertino of Ginny Mitchell show

"It's always just wonderful to have you! Your Show is so fun and your stories are very nice."

Robbie Shoemaker,  AD

Santa Cruz Healthcare of Fred McCarty show

"The residents enjoyed new songs and remembering the old favorites. Residents like the lively songs and enjoyed joining in."

Lourdes Yashar, AD

Rose Meadows Elder care of Karin Phoenix show

"We always have a lot of fun with Karin. we are very happy to have her today. We all had a great time!"

Angelo Manano, AD

Pacific Coast Care of Fred McCarty show

"Awesome as always ! Thank you very much for using music to reminisce with our residents. We loved `The Nelsons`!"

Chung Hee, AD

Cedar Crest Nursing home of Chip Currey Feb 18."Chip was good with the residents. They sang along with him and had a good time. Our residents like Young at Heart."

Gina Puccinelli, AD

Park Lane of Shanna Carlson show

"What a great voice ! Shanna is a great musician and singer. Her connection with the audience was precious. We Loved her, as always !"

Chloe Dixon, AD

Pacific Hills Manor of Mark Watson show

"The residents enjoyed Mark's singing. Residents were smiling along and clapping their hands."

Don Wendell, AD

Pacific Gardens, of Fred McCarty show

"Fred is a great performer and the residents love him. He interacts with them throughout his whole program, which is great."

Nancy Smith, Coordinator of the Alliance on Aging Luncheon, Salinas. Seventy one seniors in attendance, on Johnny Fabulous.

"Johnny's show "Cole's Kingdom" was excellent ! Many of our seniors said it was the best ever !"

Jose Yanez, AD

Gilroy Health Skilled Nursing of Sean Seman show

"A true performer. The residents enjoyed his performance. Glad to have Young at Heart performers come and share their talents with our residents and staff."